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Sexually Charged E-Cig Ad Sparks Outrage, But Sexually Charged Cereal Ads OK

By Shanon Steeves

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Alcohol & Beer Ads OK Too…

Apparently, those against the electronic cigarette manufacturers have nothing better to complain about other than the marketing being used to advertise the devices. According to the Metro online magazine, the newest e-cigarette advertising is a bit “smutty” but doesn’t actually say anything.

The report claims that the advertisement wants to seduce people into using e-cigarettes, and actually complains that the manufacturer behind the ad campaign, VIP, was trying to be as sexually suggestive as possible. We post this question:

How is this advertising campaign any worse than any other product’s advertising campaign?


A few examples:

Jenny Craig: Jennifer Hudson specifically flaunts her newly slim breasts, buttocks, and thighs in magazine and television advertisements to suggest to women, “you can flaunt it too” if you just buy the product.

Southern Comfort: This brand of alcoholic beverage flaunts the fact that you drink their alcohol, it’s OK that you have flings with anyone you wish – including group sex and three or foursomes as depicted in their latest advertisement.

Dos Equis: This beer brand flaunts an older gentlemen who apparently gets away with anything, including womanizing, two and threesomes, stealing cars, and a host of other antics because he drinks that brand of beer.

 Victoria’s Secret: In every single Victoria’s Secret underwear and lingerie advertisement, whether in the paper, in a magazine, online or on television, the Victoria’s Secret models get into sexually suggestive poses, maximize how big their breasts look, and flaunt their bottoms with as little covering them as possible.

Some of these commercials have gone as far as to suggest that if women buy the merchandise, they will instantly look the same way the models look, and they will be able to flaunt their own bodies any time they wish. 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch: What is supposed to be a cereal product for kids has been turned into an ad for better oral sex that’s been aimed at middle aged women. It starts out with a few pieces of the cereal hanging out around a bowl of cereal.

Then one of them dives into the milk, while another sticks out its extremely long tongue, licks the other piece of cereal in an extremely suggestive way. The moral of this advertisement? If you eat the cereal, you’ll be ready to have oral sex.

What’s the Problem with the E-Cig Ad?

No one is bashing any of the above commercials, so what is the problem with the e-cigarette commercial?How are any of the above advertisements any better than the VIP e-cigarette advertisement?

It just goes to show that no manufacturer is above anything specially the saying that, “if you’ve got it flaunt it.” We think that if it is OK for a cereal manufacturer to teach kids about oral sex with their cereal commercials, then it should be OK for an e-cigarette commercial to be sexually suggestive.

What do You Think about the Sexually Suggestive Ads?


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