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Drexel Study Shows E-Cigs are Safe: Courts Agree

By Shanon Steeves

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Chinese researchers initially developed electronic cigarettes in 2003, though Europe was the first to market them in 2006. Since that time, the e-cigarette industry has grown so vast and so fast that the tobacco companies were scared of the e-cig companies. They were so scared that the companies decided to get in on the act and start making their own.

Not a Public Health Risk

 Electronic cigarettes are used by pulling on the nicotine vapor cartridge as you would a traditional cigarette. Then you pull as oyu would a regular cigarette, causing the liquid to get heated by the battery. That makes the liquid turn to vapor that you “smoke” or inhale to consume the nicotine. When the flavor cartridge runs out, it is thrown away (some manufactures are starting to make refill kits, but that’s another story).

Additionally, and probably the most important things to remember about using e-cigarettes is that:

  • E-cigs contain no tar
  • They contain no toxic chemicals
  • E-cigs are not smoked, thus no second hand smoke
  • E-cigs do not smell bad
  • E-cigs do not cause tooth staining, black lungs, or yellowing fingers
  • While they do contain nicotine, e-cigs are available in non-nicotine versions

A research study conducted by Drexel University further supports the currently known evidence that shows e-cigs are safe. In fact, Igot Burstyn, a study investigator, stated in his report that:

“Current data do not indicate that exposures to vapors from contaminants in electronic cigarettes warrant a concern. There are no known toxicological synergies among compounds in the aerosol, and mixture of the contaminants does not pose a risk to health.” [Emphasis added]

From this information, the only conclusion a person can come to is that while yes, they do contain nicotine, the electronic version of cigarettes pose a much lower risk to public health than traditional cigarettes do. In fact, the U.S. court system agrees.  

On the other hand, the tobacco companies – and the elected officials influenced by their fat pockets, believe that e-cigarettes are just as harmful to people. The problem is that this is simply untrue.

The only things that e-cigarettes harm are the fat pockets themselves.

Connecticut Wants to Ban E-Cig Public Use

Case in point: Just in March of this year, Connecticut legislatures initiated a measure to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public areas where traditional smoking is banned, despite the fact that they are not smoked as traditional cigarettes are. There is no smoke at all, so it cannot harm a bystander.

In fact, Senator Richard Blumenthal has been quoted by US News as saying the devices are,” “gateway nicotine-delivery devices” and make it easier for children to start smoking. Howver, this non-starter of a non-issue because they are regulated much the same way as traditional tobacco in terms of sales to minors – a person must be 18 and older to purchase the e-cig delivery device, and cartridges in most states.

To prove the point further: According to the article reporting on the study, the FDA attempted to ban the devices, but the initiative failed because the FDA could prove that neither the e-cig devices, batteries, nor cartridges were harmful, nor did they serve as gateway devices, as some people would have us believe.

The only issue here is the nicotine – that the vaper can choose to by zero-nicotine cartridges instead of those with nicotine. Unfortunately, though, various state politicians, the FDA and other groups will continue to fight against the devices, claiming they cause health problems, but they will have to realize the simple fact e-cigarettes are safe to both the vaper and the person standing next to him or her.

Read it again: E-cigarettes are safe - or at least a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco. End of sentence. Period. Full stop.

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